nix’s mate (boston)

We met up with some of our past coworkers for lunch in Boston at the Nix’s Mate restaurant located at the Hilton hotel within the Financial District.  It was the first time any of us had been to this place.  I was a little nervous about them being busy for a Friday lunch outing – especially with a stroller and baby in tow – but it is a nice, big space with an open atmosphere.

They sat us in a corner by some windows at a nice large round table (5 adults and 1 baby in a high chair), and we were able to tuck the stroller into the corner out of everyone’s way.  Our waiter was super nice and even sat down to chat with our baby girl before the rest of our party showed up.  I didn’t get the impression that it was a stuffy sort of hotel restaurant which made me feel a little more at ease about having a baby with us.  (She did awesome by the way … just give her one french fry and she’s happy.)

Two of our friends ordered the special entree of the day: grilled salmon on top of mashed potatoes, broccolini, and tomatoes.  I love this picture of one of them taking the tomatoes off the other person’s plate (he doesn’t care for tomatoes) because these two remind me of an old married couple with the way that they interact with one another.  🙂

My husband and one other friend ordered the French dip sandwich which came with a hearty serving of french fries on the side.  I don’t think either of them were able to eat all of their fries, just to give you an idea of how much they give you.

I had the white clam flatbread which was served with oregano and garlic.  It was funny because our waiter asked me if I really liked clams and warned me that it was “really clammy”, which I’m very glad that he did because it was true.  But it was a good sort of clammy flavor and you certainly didn’t feel like you were jipped at all by the amount that they put on the pizza.  In all fairness though, if you’re on the border of whether you do or don’t like clams then you probably shouldn’t get this one.  I happen to really like clams and it’s something that I never cook with at home so I’m glad I had it.

Overall I think everyone at our table was happy to have found a new place to get lunch at in this part of town.  The lunch menu offers a wide variety of dishes and within a reasonable price point for the area (being so close to the water).  It’s a good place for a small group, a romantic lunch outing, or for when you’re looking for that place that’s just one step up from being super casual.  Again, love that it was baby-friendly and very accommodating to our needs.  Will definitely remember this restaurant as an option the next time we’re in the downtown area.

Nix’s Mate
In the Hilton Boston/Financial District
89 Broad Street
Boston, MA 02109


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