chocolate chip cookie dough ice pops (a recipe)

First an apology for a lag in posts but life’s been busy with a baby that can now crawl, and a few other life events that prevent one from jumping on the computer to blog.  A birthday has come and gone since my last post, and with it came a Zoku quick pop maker.  Pop, as in an ice pop (not the other word for ‘soda’).  Hmmm … make my own ice pops?  As in, kinds that I can actually eat because they don’t contain corn syrup?  What to make, what to make?!

I decided to try a recipe I saw on Pinterest of “Invisible Cookie Dough Ice Pops” which was adapted from a recipe from “The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook“.  The recipe said it would make 10 ice pops at 2.5 ounces each so I cut it in half and managed to make exactly 6 with the Zoku device.

Here’s my version of the adapted recipe:

– 1 cup of whole milk
– 1/3 cup of brown sugar (they used light brown but I only had dark on hand)
– 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
– a pinch of sea salt
– chocolate chips

Heat the milk up in the microwave for a minute (or a little longer if you need to) until it’s warm to the touch then add the brown sugar and stir until it has dissolved.  Add the vanilla and the salt and stir again.  It was really simple to use the Zoku device because all I had to do was insert the popsicle stems into each mold (you can only make three at a time) and then fill each with the mixture.  Oh and don’t forget to drop some of the chocolate chips into each mold after you insert the stem; I only used about 7 or 8 per popsicle.  And then you just wait about ten minutes and the popsicles are done!  (Oh and btw, you freeze the Zoku device beforehand which is how they are made so quickly.  Good thing I actually read the instruction manual this time!)

I have them in this nifty little pop holder that the gift giver also gave me, which is handy for storing them in the freezer.  I have to say that it was much easier than I anticipated to make these, so I can see us making a lot of frozen yummy treats with this thing.  It’s going to help make this one cool summer!


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