tatte bakery and cafe (cambridge)

There’s a new bakery in Kendall Square called Tatte Bakery and Cafe.  My friend and I went to check it out last week and were blown away by so many aspects of this place.  Not only was it a lot more spacious inside than I had expected, but we just loved the ambiance, decor, and of course the food.

This place offers tasty sandwich, soup and salad options during lunch time in addition to all of the delectable pastries that are baked in house. They also do breakfast with a menu that includes tarts, quiches, and something called “Bechamel Heaven” which consists of a buttery croissant, French ham, gruyere cheese, and bechamel.  I think I need to go back just to try that some day soon.

There is one large wood table in the middle of the bakery with tall chairs beneath this huge chandelier of light bulbs and lanterns that was quite mesmerizing.  There are also some tables that seat two by the windows, and when the weather permits there is outdoor seating available.

Probably one of our favorite sections in the bakery (and certainly where we spent a lot of time perusing) was the left wall when you enter the building that is full of yummy things like cookies, tarts, cake by the slice, and freshly made pies in the fridge.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!

My friend and I both had the shiitake mushroom sandwich which consisted of oven roasted shiitakes, tomato confit, watercress and herbed goat cheese on country bread.  (The photo above is the sandwich without the tomato confit due to my food allergy.)  The two of us could not stop commenting about how delicious our sandwiches were.  Was it the cheese?  Was it the way the mushrooms were seasoned?  Did they toast the bread with salted butter?  Whatever it was it was delicious!  I had a cup of their yummy Majorelle mint tea which is made with green tea, mint and a touch of citrus.  I love the mug that it was served in too.

We got two of their little butter cookies as a light bit of dessert after our meal.  Okay, so admittedly, I wanted to get them because they serve them on this adorable little cake stand-like pedestal.  Isn’t that cute?!  (The friend that I was with is really good at ceramics and I told her she should make one of these.)  And by the way, the cookies are heavenly!  It’s one of those things where I’m sure if we had a bucket of them next to us at the table that we could just sit there and pop them into our mouths all day long.  And no, we probably wouldn’t feel that guilty for eating a ton of them because they’re that good.

I ended up getting a tube of the butter cookies to give to another friend of ours as part of her birthday present, and I also got two of their little strawberry linzer cookies to take home for the hubby to try (his fave are raspberry linzers but they didn’t have that flavor).  I love all the details in their packaging, too.

Oh and before I forget to mention it, the service was friendly and inviting the second we walked in.  One particular woman who worked there was extremely welcoming and she explained the bakery to us.  We joked around with her about not being able to work there ourselves in fear of gaining an outrageous amount of weight whilst being surrounded by such incredible food options.

We were there around 12:45 pm on a weekday and there was a lot of foot traffic with customers coming in and taking their purchases to go, and most of the tables were full.  We luckily scored two seats at the large table where we could keep my stroller (and baby!) next to us without being in anyone’s way (it is again, quite spacious in there).  It’s a great place for a nice date, for a small group of people, and kids because of the noise level (but it wasn’t like too loud).  Parking might be a little difficult to find if you’re looking for a metered spot directly in front of the bakery, but there are a lot of spots across Binney Street (heading towards the Cambridgeside Galleria) that are within a short walking distance.  Their original location is in Brookline (1003 Beacon Street) but I hear it’s much smaller in size.  I can’t wait to get back there again to try that Bechamel Heaven dish!

Tatte Bakery and Cafe
318 Third Street
Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02142


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