recipe: blueberry chocolate chunk oatmeal pepitas cookies


I know what you’re thinking …  another oatmeal cookie recipe?!  Yes, the big green mixing bowl has been used to make another delicious oatmeal cookie that I want to share with all of you.  It’s crisp on the outer edges but chewy in the center, and the dried blueberries add a nice texture to it.  Better yet?  You can make this in one bowl and mixing by hand.

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recipe: chewy oatmeal raisin ginger cookies

This is quite possibly the best batch of oatmeal cookies I’ve ever made.  They are chewy and moist with a lot of great flavor.  I got this recipe from All Recipes but altered a couple of ingredients and skipped the step where they tell you to press them down with a sugared fork.

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chewy lime cookies (a recipe)


There are people out there that will drive out of their way to the next town over when I post a photo of freshly baked chewy lemon cookies on my Facebook page to pick up their share (okay, maybe just two people but still … they know who they are) but … wait for it … I think these lime cookies might be a tad better.  I poop you not peeps.

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oatmeal coconut sunflower seed cookies (a recipe)


I think I heard my husband describe life with a baby/toddler the best the other night when he told our friends: “With a kid, you just gotta have a routine.”  And before she was born, neither of us really had a real routine.  One benefit I’ve discovered from having routines in place is the predictability of pockets of time when I could be doing ____ while she does _____.  Our morning routine generally includes a small block of time where she watches an episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  And on this particular Sunday morning, that was enough time for me to whip up the batter for these cookies.   Continue reading

chocolate coconut cookies (a recipe)


Sometimes having cabinets that are deep can be a bad thing.  If you’re like me, it’s easy to forget what’s in them when things get pushed to the way back.  I put together this recipe one night as an effort to use up some stuff in my baking cabinet, and I have to say that it was a delicious experiment in the end!  Enjoy!

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chocolate peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (a recipe)


If you’re a person that likes to bake like I do, there are times when you think: “I would like to bake some ______ right now.”  And if you’re occasionally unlucky like me, then you shuffle over to the cabinet or pantry only to be faced with the fact that you’re either very low on or completely out of a specific ingredient (or ingredients) in order to make _____ right now.  And it’s also too late to go to the store and/or you’re already dressed down into too-casual-for-public-viewing comfort clothes to leave the house.  That was the case the other night when I decided I wanted to make some chocolaty chocolate chip cookies for my husband: I only had about a cup of flour, remnants of chocolate chips, and very little chocolate baking squares on hand.

Luckily, I remembered this crazy peanut butter cookie recipe that a friend told me about in high school that — to this day I can attest — miraculously works despite the fact that it has the fewest ingredients ever for a cookie recipe.  All it is is one cup of peanut butter, one egg, and one cup of sugar.  Seriously.  Bake at 375 for about 12-15 minutes and voila!  You have yourself some really delicious peanut butter cookies.  So with this in mind I decided to elaborate a little bit and put together my own cookie recipe.  They turned out really yummy and even our 14-month-old daughter approves of them!  Enjoy!

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a handmade holiday (a recipe)

My goal this year was to make it a handmade holiday as much as I possibly could.  My dreams of knitting fingerless gloves and endless infinity cowls for dear friends of course, didn’t happen.  My wish to sew cute dresses for our little one and all of her adorable baby friends, didn’t happen.  But what I did manage to put together (sometimes at wee hours of the night/morning) made me feel good about giving this holiday season, even if my lofty goals weren’t quite possible.


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homemade oreos

Yes, you CAN still bake when you have a baby asleep in a room next to the kitchen.  You just have to be very, very quiet.  Especially after it took an hour and a half for her to fall asleep.  Seriously.

So tonight I whipped out my Flour Bakery cookbook and made a batch of Joanne Chang‘s deliciously easy-to-make oreo cookies.  Quietly.  And man oh man, these are always so yummy.  Especially fresh out of the oven, or so my official taste tester (ahem, husband) declares.

That’s one nice stack of love.  🙂

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (a recipe)

Wow, it’s been over 2 months since I last posted a recipe so here’s one appropriate for the fall.  I wanted to make these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for a couple of different reasons: 1) to package into a container as a thank you for a friend who was delivering a box that was sent to me at work; 2) to package into two little birthday gifts for two of my coworkers; and 3) to find good use for a can of Libby’s pumpkin that I meant to use for something else (but I had one too many cans for the other thing).

I started off by searching online for a recipe using the canned pumpkin and came across this one and decided to try it out since it seemed simple enough.  And while pulling out all of the ingredients from the cabinet, I realized I had a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips so I decided to dump them into the batter too.

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junk food theme

What happens when you have a food contest at work with a “junk food” theme?  Well at where I work, crazy things like Cookie Monster Cupcakes are created along with a whole slew of other creative concoctions …

We decided to not call this particular event a “baking” contest because of the complexity of the theme.  See, you could either use junk food to create something else, or you could make a representation of junk food (i.e. homemade peanut butter cups, etc.).  Either way, it didn’t necessarily have to be baked.  We did stress the rule that it had to be edible, but it didn’t necessarily have to taste good.  I have to say that my coworkers love a good challenge; the people that participated in this one really put in a lot of thought and came up with some great ideas.

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