junk food theme

What happens when you have a food contest at work with a “junk food” theme?  Well at where I work, crazy things like Cookie Monster Cupcakes are created along with a whole slew of other creative concoctions …

We decided to not call this particular event a “baking” contest because of the complexity of the theme.  See, you could either use junk food to create something else, or you could make a representation of junk food (i.e. homemade peanut butter cups, etc.).  Either way, it didn’t necessarily have to be baked.  We did stress the rule that it had to be edible, but it didn’t necessarily have to taste good.  I have to say that my coworkers love a good challenge; the people that participated in this one really put in a lot of thought and came up with some great ideas.

MoonPie bread pudding

Jell-o fish bowl

Homemade baked tortilla chips with caramelized onion dip

sheep in a blanket

Root beer jelly

Peep brownies

Grasshopper cupcakes

One of my coworkers did a Peeps scene with rice krispy treats to mock Stonehenge, but called it “Druid Peeps Worship the Solstice at Ricemallowhendge” and it turned out great! 

Druid Peeps worship the solstice at Ricemallowhendge

The display was complete with a table lightA bird's eye view of the Ricemallowhendge

They're wearing fruit roll-up cloaks!

The Ricemallowhendge came in second place to the Tastykake Carnival display by one of our technically and electronically talented coworkers who created a display that had lights and a rotating sign.  You can see it in action by clicking here.

The winning entry: mini peanut butter Tastykakes with Tastykake ice cream (not in the photograph)

the voting ballot board

Voting for this contest should really have been divided into three categories: best representation of the theme, best tasting, and most creative.  The winner of each contest gets to determine the theme of the next contest (May 18th) so the next theme will be “cheese”.  Should be an interesting one because you could go all savory or you could do something sweet with things like cream cheese and ricotta.  Hmmm … what to make, what to make?


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