brunch at west side lounge (cambridge)

Brunch was totally unintended, really.  We originally left the house in hopes of checking out the new Hi-Rise Bakery location on Mass Ave. but the place was packed and there were no tables or chairs available.  And believe me, when you’re as pregnant as I am, those are two very important things to have when going out.  So we decided to pop over across the street to one of our favorite Cambridge hang outs, West Side Lounge, to see if they were open and to see what they had on their menu.

As you can see, we were lured in by their brunch menu options.  My husband opted for the “super power brunch” (okay, so I convinced him to get it) which included 3 eggs any way, French toast, smoked bacon and home fries.

The bacon somehow made it over to my plate eventually, although I think there was a bit of regret from him after he took a couple of bites and realized how good it was (hey, I need protein, right??).  He really liked the way the potatoes were cooked with green peppers.  Oh and the eggs photographed here were cooked sunny side up.

I went for one of their specials – pancakes with blueberry jam syrup.  They were super thick (almost an inch) and had a very cakey texture to them.  I ended up using some of the maple syrup from my husband’s plate to add a tiny bit more sweetness to it, but the blueberry flavor was nice.  I would’ve probably liked them more if they were less cakey and more fluffy because they were a little too dense and filling, but it all washed down easily with their delicious coffee (even the decaf was good).

And yes, we were proud members of the Clean Plate Club that day.  🙂

West Side Lounge
1680 Massachusetts Avenue
(kind of in between Porter and Harvard Square)
Cambridge, MA 02138


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